Thursday, July 05, 2012

La Luna Sobre Conejos____9x12 oil on canvas___$550 for Conejos Fire House Show
Our summer vacations are spent along Colorado's Conjos River. This canyon is remote, yet populated by some of the nicest people one could know! The big "season" is RIGHT NOW....Independence Day, and all of July! This tight knit summer community celebrates the season with cook-outs, and get-togethers where everyone feels welcome. Last year we celebrated the opening of our own little fire department. With Colorado fires on the news, we all are grateful for this, and support the annual events to raise funds for it! On July 13-14 we'll have our 2nd Annual Fire House Art Show, featuring some artists in this canyon....Look up the works of Charlie Ewing, Rick Howell, Jim Gilmore, Pat Haberman, Zella Meeks and ME!...I have been painting the spectacular moon...driving home the other night, I was welcomed into the canyon by this full moon over the Conejos River.
Here are some locations for a few of my workshops. email me if you want more info on any of these...
And here is a link to a SPECIAL ONE.
I can't wait to see the water go down the drain BACKWARDS there!
July-August ___weekly__Austin___ "Chocolates and Chiaroscuro" 
Sept. 15, 2012___Salado TX
2013___New York City, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania...
2014___February 23-March 1___New Zealand

**BE SURE to tell me if you sign up! I like to send things to my students to get them ready, keep them "seeing", and thinking, and talking about it!

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T.J. Scott said...

I just commented on your other moonlight painting. I adore this one as well. Not too many artists are able to capture this scene the way you can. Wonderful! Okay, I'm a real fan now:-)