Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Seven Strokes Plus Seven or So

Seven Strokes__another demo/lesson__6x8
A couple weeks ago I posted a Seven Stroke painting. This is a lesson that I teach at my longer workshops. YES, the entire painting is done with just SEVEN strokes, without lifting the brush.  Compare the one above with the one I posted earlier...Which one do you like better? I like this was simpler!
Obviously I did both from my same's more fun to do on location!
Next week I will be all over southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. Part of the time I will be nailing down our locations for the 2013 workshop there. If you want to start thinking about it, I have the tentative dates set for July 20 - 22...but there will likely be an extra half day...possibly Wednesday, July 23...I can send details on this one in about two weeks, so let me know if you want them.

Here are some locations for a few other workshops. email me if you want more info on any of these...
And here is a link to a SPECIAL ONE.
I can't wait to see the water go down the drain BACKWARDS there!
July-August ___weekly__Austin___ "Chocolates and Chiaroscuro" 
Sept. 15, 2012___Salado TX
2013___New York City, Colorado, Massachusetts, Michigan, Pennsylvania...
2014___February 23-March 1___New Zealand

**BE SURE to tell me if you sign up! I like to send things to my students to get them ready, keep them "seeing", and thinking, and talking about it!

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