Monday, July 23, 2012

Sunny One_State 1

Sunny One__state 1__12x16 oil
I saw this scene a few years ago near our farm. Horses do not eat sunflowers, but this one was grazing below the flowers. Every few moments he would come up for air and I snapped some photos that have been reference for a number of paintings. So this one looks similar to another recent one called "Sunny"...
I had to photograph it before I had finished, but I call this "state 1", and you might not notice changes on the finished work....I am delivering it to Taos' Act I gallery TODAY!
Before I head back to Colorado, I want to express sorrow about the shooting there in the movie theater. It was stunning to open the YAHOO! front page  recently and see a photo of a church service honoring the victims. In the photo there was a projector with a photo of a victim. it touched me, so I saved it on my desktop...then a friend told me that a mutual friend of our families was a victim...a man named Gordon Cowden....when I looked back at the YAHOO! photo I had saved, it was Gordon's picture on the screen at the church (see below)...He was the first one to have a funeral last week   :(    please pray for these families for a LONG time....

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I can't wait to see the water go down the drain BACKWARDS there!
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