Wednesday, January 02, 2013

16 - Mock THIS

8x8 watercolor pencil sketch with washes__$250 includes shipping
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Mockingbirds are the official "state bird" for several states including my Texas! This time of year they fluff themselves up to keep warm, and they are a little "quieter" than usual. I remember nights on the farm when the mockingbirds would sing ALL NIGHT LONG in the trees outside our bedroom window. NOT GOOD!
The only good thing about those serenades was that the mockingbird never seems to sing the same song twice...they are my favorite!
The bird seed project is working well! Right now we are able to put seed out several times a week! If I get a good response, I will place more feeders outside the windows, and take the idea to a local grocery store, (H.E.B) and ask for their help with seed :)

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