Tuesday, January 29, 2013

24 - Webs on the Rocks

Webs on the Rocks__8x10 oil on canvas
#24 in the Birdseed Project

Working with high school artists is a lot of fun. I especially enjoy helping them see easy solutions to things they always thought to be difficult. Here, we worked with oil sticks (are those the same as oil pastels?)...see the first step at the bottom, the second step in the middle, and the final step at top.
This lesson was to demonstrate how to create "distance" with atmospheric perspective (compare the near rocks from the far ones?).I also talked a lot about "shapes of shadows", "drawing with light", "Color in the shadows" and a few other little lessons. TMI for these new painters, but enough to make them BRAVE...you ought to see their works!

Webs on the Rocks___State 2

Webs on the Rocks___State 1

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