Tuesday, January 08, 2013

18 - Whooping It Up

 Whooping It Up
#18 in the BIRDSEED Project
If you have ever seen Whooping Cranes in the wild, I hope you get to some day! FIRST, they are VERY BIG! That in itself is impressive. Then, they are shy and seem to know when you are there, so they stroll as far away as possible. I have had the good fortune to see them in the wild both on our Texas coast and also near Charleston South Carolina. Each time, I saw them in pairs or groups of three or four. I like that they flock together.
Please click link above to read about my project! I hope to have some GOOD NEWS about it soon! My blog friends get first look at these, but I am already sending some to galleries and shows. The "deal" stands, though: when a bird sells, I put a portion of the funds toward the purchase of bird seed for the nursing home where mom lives.

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