Thursday, March 06, 2008

My Farm Skies

Spread detail of "My Farm Skies" from the book: Last Year on the Farm: A Story of Change, by V....Vaughan ...$34
Order the book from my
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The BOOK includes some groupings of farm paintings that "go together".
(see posts from March 4 and 5).
The "SKY" spread in the book says:
"Oh give me SKY, lots of sky! After 30 years under huge skies, I learned to read them!
The place where the sun came up was not always east, and a certain place on my north-facing deck never saw sun in the wintertime. But, hot summer skies are still my favorite. "Below my studio deck, the farm sloped toward the east to the area I called "The Pens". This area changes the most (with the seasons), so I liked to paint it best. The seasons brought new color and textures, and the cows came and went. Life happened at the pens..."

Project Status: Last Year on the Farm ...-In April, I will return to the farm to paint a LAST DAY, 24 paintings in 24 hours.The series of paintings will be my big "goodbye". I want to do this while Spring is in the air. New life, new growth and all the symbolism of "Life Goes On". These paintings will be made available in MAY!-Please click here to read a GREAT REVIEW by Kent Wolgamott in the Lincoln JournalStar: BOOK is HERE! EMAIL ME to order, or check the BLOG ON JAN. 9 to use the paypal button. Or just mail a check for $34 (includes shipping) to: V....Vaughan, 2606 Starling Dr., Round Rock, TX 78681-Most of the exhibit will be held over at the Great Plains Museum until THE END of March. It's going WELL and the museum has told me it is a "Stunning Success".- The seasons of 24 will open at the BRAND NEW Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art on March 28. I'll be there for the opening reception. David City, NE, on Sunday, March 30.

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