Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Winter Spring

"Spring Winter Spring"....6x8...$175 still wet
I went out today into the nearby farmlands with my friend Denise (a great artist!)...we both liked this spot, and painted till the wind blew all our sleeves and shirttails into our paint too much...I liked the layers of land, here which seemed to alternate between spring greens and winter drab.
On the way home we swung by my old farm where I painted the 365 paintings of our Last Year on the Farm. A couple days ago there was a big grass fire there. It was awful looking. I hope it greens up before I paint my One Last Day on the Farm. On April 9, I'll go out there and paint 24 paintings in 24 hours for the last time on this farm. The paintings will be sold waiting for a show to finish! Keep watching here for details or e-mail me
The book "Last Year on the Farm: A Story of Change is here! Click here and scroll down to Jan 9

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I love the scale you put into these paintings. Hope the farm greens up for your 24/24 set.

You are AMAZING!