Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Third Green Fields

"Third Green Fields"....6x8....$150
I painted three little ones of the infield...all during the 1st game of a double header on Saturday. Here is third base. I posted first and second on the previous 2 days. They ALMOST line up if you place them side by side, but I did not mean to create a "triptich" (correct my spelling, please).
These give me a foundation for composition next time I paint at a ball game! I will certainly put players into the scenes next time, but these I like "as is"....you can almost smell the grass!
HERE'S A NEW WAY TO ORDER THE BOOK: Last Year on the Farm.
If you want to use a credit card, here's the way to do it, securely, and you also have the option to order a HARDBOUND book , really nice!!!
Project Status: Last Year on the Farm ...NOTE the date correction for the Bone Creek Art Museum opening of "Last Yer on the Farm"...March 19!-Please click here to read a GREAT REVIEW by Kent Wolgamott in the Lincoln JournalStar: http://journalstar.com/articles/2008/02/03/living/gz/performances/doc47a0e837b407c595235319.txt-THE BOOK is HERE! EMAIL ME to order, or check the BLOG ON JAN. 9 to use the paypal button. Or just mail a check for $34 (includes shipping) to: V....Vaughan, 2606 Starling Dr., Round Rock, TX 78681-Most of the exhibit will be held over at the Great Plains Museum until THE END of March. It's going WELL and the museum has told me it is a "Stunning Success".- The seasons of 24 will open at the BRAND NEW Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art on March 19. I'll be there for the opening reception. David City, NE, on Sunday, March 30.

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M. Sonoqui Gillette said...

Virginia! I just received your book, and as I expected... it is fabulous! It is really a little treasure. Thank you so very much, for sharing your work with those of us who are unable to travel to the current or future shows. My fond regards to your, for your continued success...and another book.