Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bajo de Los Pinos

"Pajo Los Pinos"____16 x 20 oil____available
Today was a day off for the kids I am teaching at the Western Art Academy. It is 8:30 PM and guess where I am? In the studio with 8 of the student artists, planning to be painting till midnight...ah, THIS is the life!!!
This painting above was painted en plein air a few weeks ago in Colorado, with an artist friend who would not let me paint small...hahaha...he gave me one of his big canvases and I spent the whole time just painting at his pace.
So, I stood behind him a little bit and told him that if I struggled, I was going to just copy his painting...(I was kidding, but was tempted to!)...I watched him peripherally and matched his pace, so that I could finish at the same time and not keep him waiting...I don't hate this painting!

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