Monday, July 21, 2008

Coosa View________Click to Bid

"Coosa View" and "Coosa View Before"___12 x 16___Click to bid
This was my morning demo at the workshop in Gadsden, AL. I had painted a quick study the night before, on a small canvas (see post of July 18), and decided that this view presented some great things to go with my lesson....The demo went smoothly, then the group got started on their own paintings. It was a perfect day for painters who were new to outdoor painting and didn't have all the gear. There was not a breath of wind, which was good, because some of pur easels weren't very sturdy. My easel is sturdy and light, but I got careless and left the canvas loose, just leaning like everyone else's. I never felt the puff of breeze, but it got the best of me and provided a great teaching moment, when it toppled my canvas into my palette...see the nice blobs of paint in "state 1"? The lessons were:

1. Never unhitch your canvas

2. Clouds aren't white

3. Practice what you preach!

Gadsden a great place to paint! Beautiful atmosphere. Mountains. Blooming trees. Rivers, waterfalls and and waterfowl. And FARMS!! 15 painters joined me in a one day workshop and they were so enthusiastic that no one noticed that it got up to 97 degrees! Well, except that one guy. I will just call him "Red Kevin"...heehee...

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