Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Drive By Coleman___Click to Bid

“Drive By Coleman”….6 x 8 oil on fine linen panel……CLICK TO BID

I do not offer to sell m(any!) of these “drive-by” paintings, because I am holding them for a show.
Since this one is my favorite of the summer, so far, I just HAVE to share it…(And I did not paint today, and needed something to post! J
A “Drive-By “ painting is just like it sounds…I paint while in the car (husband driving) and capture the “moment” as it moves by…We took the pick-up truck to Colorado a few weeks ago, and when it was my turn to ride in the back (under the camper shell and on a nice soft mattress with Maria the dog), I painted this one outside of Coleman, TX.
Tomorrow I begin a 10 day journey of teaching some great high school award winners about oil painting. We’ll be at the Western Art Academy,
Museum of Western Art in Kerrville ,TX

I have some paintings on display at a
Sitric House and Home. Come celebrate the Grand Opening of their unique concept in building/remodeling and decorating! On THURSDAY, July 24, 6-9 pm. In Austin at 3401W. Slaughter.

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Dianne Mize said...

What I love about your little paintings is they put me in the moment you were in. I know painters always say that's what they're doing, but yours REALLY do.