Friday, July 25, 2008

San Antonio Demo__a composition lesson

"San Antonio Demo__a composition lesson from a few weeks ago"....oil on linen panel

To be fair to me, this lesson was NOT about composition, but about pre-mixing with a limited palette, and I was yakking the whole time and overlooked a VITAL compositional point...can you see it?? Let me know!!
This one is just barely past the "block-in" stage, but composition matters, even early on!

(It's an easy fix, but I wanted to show the "before" shot, anyway ...
I have a 10 day workshop in Kerrville, TX at the Museum of Western Art. I am living and teaching on the Shriner University campus, and my students are from 16-19 years and "high placers" in the Livestock show art competitions (a BIG DEAL for art students in these parts!) is a great "gig" for me, because I get to be a full time artist all day every day and all night if I want to.I am getting caught up with commissions and fall paintings. I have a great apartment and all the meals I can eat! The best part is the great art students, of course!

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