Monday, October 06, 2008

Before it Got Too Cold_10-07-2006

"Before it Got Too Cold" from Last Year on the Farm, 10-7-2006___available
This is one of the very few verticals in the series. Just a few months before the cows got sold off during our "Last Year on the Farm", the cows headed for the feed troughs. It was a very chilly fall and bitter cold winter, and some of the cows died in the cold. This was the part of farm life that saddened me the most.
The museum shows are done, and the "...Farm" art might never hang together again. We are in the process of preparing the works which have sold to ship them to their permanent homes. I have been looking for an "official form" for the collectors to fill out that will let us "register" the paintings in this series, in case a great museum ever wants to gather them once again for a retrospective. If you know of such a form or process, please let me know!
OCT. 18 is a Saturday Workshop day in Calvert, TX. Let me know if you'dlike to come paint and learn what I know...all I know only takes about a day to learn! haha

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