Tuesday, October 07, 2008

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Heavy Sky Last Year on the Farm_10-9-2007______avilable
A cold front came thru last night, bringing some rain for our thirsty grass! It reminded me of this day last year....I miss the farm....
As I prepare the "sold" paintings from "Last Year on the Farm", I have helpers copying all the literature for the packets that will be delivered with the paintings, Each painting comes with a "history" of where it has traveled and what people have said about it. This adds to the value of the painting, for sure! I also am still adding to the packet, as new interest is surfacing each week. This week I gave another magazine interview...when I have publication details I will share. ..what I am enjoying MOST from the farm paintings is that right now, I am painting bigger compositions from the smaller studies. I will post some of those very soon, before I ship them off to shows and galleries....you get to see them FIRST!
*WORKSHOP DAY, October 18 in Calvert, TX vvaughan8@yahoo.com for details

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