Wednesday, October 01, 2008

In the October Light

"In the October Light- Last Year on the Farm 10-12-2007"___6x8, NOW AVAILABLE
I painted "Last Year on the Farm", and, now that the museum shows are over, all the unclaimed paintings are AVAILABLE for purchase! these are special, small little gems, and their value will ONLY INCREASE. You may shop online! See the entire exhibit at We are shipping them in time for Christmas, and each painting comes with a packet of documentation from the museum shows, making your painting part of a BIG WHOLE...this is unique and adds to the value of the work.
There will be a few events featuring the available farm paintings. Watch for your invitation!
And here is an invitation to anyone who would like to take a class from me! Workshop info below. ALL SKILL LEVELS welcome....

Saturday, October 18 - Workshop day in Calvert, TX. All abilities welcome. We can carpool from Austin, if you contact me

THIS SATURDAY, Oct. 4 is the Collectors Classic at the Museum of Western Art in Kerrville, TX. If you are in Central Texas this weekend, please come to this event and say hello! Some great art and artists will be on hand. On the way there, stop by Whistle Pik in Fredericksburg to see my friend Denise Mahlke's show, too.