Tuesday, September 30, 2008


"Lulu Vinella"_______5x7 or 6x8 or something________Collection of Ray Vinella
I drove from Colorado Springs to Taos today, over roads I'd never been on...it was so neat to see some of the mountains we always pass by from a different angle! Particularly San Antonio Mountain in New Mexico. We usually pass right next to it on 285, but today I was many miles east of it, so I saw it pass by from a distance.
In Taos I had some great visits with old friends and NEW ONES (more on the new ones tomorrow). I got to have a great visit with an art mentor to many, the beloved Ray Vinella. I have known him and his pal, Lulu for many years. Last time I was there I took pictures of Lulu, with the intention of painting her as a gift to Ray. Today I had my paints and some new little canvas, so I asked Ray if I could paint there in his living room... Lulu was a "moving target", and a fun study, but she's much cuter than this!!! This little painting stayed at Ray's house. Thank You, and God Bless You, Ray!

THIS SATURDAY, Oct. 4 is the Collectors Classic at the Museum of Western Art in Kerrville, TX. If you are in Central Texas this weekend, please come to this event and say hello! Some great art and artists will be on hand. On the way there, stop by Whistle Pik in Fredericksburg to see my friend Denise Mahlke's show, too.

Saturday, October 18 - Workshop day in Calvert, TX. All abilities welcome. We can carpool from Austin, if you contact me vvaughan8@yahoo.com

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Dianne Mize said...

You surely did capture personalty. I love the spontaneity of your brushwork.