Monday, September 08, 2008

Mom's Rover

"Rover for Mom"____Play Dough
Well, my mom just moved to an assisted living place for a little while of physical therapy and stuff....her hands are getting stiff, so I got her some play dough to sculpt a little bit...I did this one for her and she named him Rover. I gave her an assignment to make me a little sheep. Being an art teacher, I graded her work today and she earned an F....ONLY because she did not start, yet!!! haha! I told her I'd give her another chance and that I would LOVE ANYTHING she does, so we'll see!!!...Rover is not great, but sure was fun to do!!! He sits on mom's windowsilland guards the room ;)

1 comment:

Liza Hirst said...

What a good idea, to suggest sculpting to your mother. Mine also has that problem but I hadn't thought of that yet. Thanks!
And besides, I like Rover!