Saturday, September 20, 2008

Galveston Pier Lights_CLICK TO BID...for THEM

"Galveston Pier Lights" __6" x 6" oil on canvas panel___by V....Vaughan_ CLICK TO BID . READ WHY....

This little pier is gone...I can't seem to get Galveston off my mind, so I am offering this painting for sale at auction, and will donate 60% of the full auction price for hurricane Ike relief. I will send the money to the Texas Baptist Men Disaster Relief, who I know to be a reputable, dependable organization with lots of financial accountability. They have units that clean up mud and flood damage, they have trailer units for laundry and showers and meals...providing all this and more to disaster victims. I actually took some disaster relief training with them a few years ago and am VERY impressed. I want to spend some time helpingwith them, but have to wait till we have fewer family obligations. So, for now, I can PAINT. This is a small original oil painting, and I am hoping the bidders will jack the price up for Ike Disaster relief. Pass it along!