Sunday, September 07, 2008

Last Summer's Farm

"Last Summer's Farm"__under the toll road___CLICK HERE to see all 365...

....It's hard for me to believe I painted the one above a whole year ago. We were the last to leave the farm, because I wanted to paint every possible moment. By September the farm was overgrown and evryone else there had left...So for now, 365 paintings of "Last Year on the Farm" are sitting in the Penske truck in my driveway. I just made it back from retrieving them from Gadsden, Alabama.....tomorrow we will start arranging them so that I can finish up the details of a year's worth of travels. I have "goodies" to assemble that will be shipped along with the paintings which have been purchased. THERE ARE STILL MANY FOR SALE! With the help of Linda and Teri, We are still putting EVERY PAINTING on my web site, and all the field notes and thoughts I had while painting. Please visit when you have a chance.
I have other opportunities I am considering to show the "Last Year ont he Farm"...and the book is still available if you want one...I'll keep everyone posted on what's next!
HEY! If you are in the area of Round Rock, Texas COME ON BY to see the artat my home/studio! ...just e-mail me first

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