Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Little Steer

"Little Steer"______3.5 x 3.5 _____Little original oil painting with easel, $100 for the first to ask!
You guessed it! I am a Texas Longhorn fan...oddly enough, I like Aggies, too, since I am surrounded by them in Round Rock, TX. (I notice that the older I get, the less stress I feel watching the football rivalries!...I used to be pretty intense about it...I have a newspaper clipping of me in the crowd at a baseball game 30 years ago and I am leading the crowd in a big taunting gesture aimed at the other team! haha! No more of THAT!!!)
I am probably more of a Longhorn fan since I like to paint our great Texas cattle and don't really know what an "Aggie" looks like! If someone wants to tell me what an oil painting of an Aggie should look like, I will try one!!! This will be a fun one to comment on!!! (welcome to my BLOG, James!)


Liza Hirst said...

Lovely colouring and as always greta brushwork!

Cecelia said...

An Aggie used to be portrayed as either a farmer (as in their yell, "Farmers Fight", or as a cartoon type Sargent, as in "Ole Sarge". Some of those things may be copyrighted but you can get permission from the university to use them. There is one artist who specializes in Aggie scenes, and another who does a lot of Aggie drawings and watercolors. There is rivalry between A&M and the University, but there are also friendships.