Friday, September 05, 2008

Day Suspended

"Day Suspended" from "Summer Day Last Year on the Farm"___6 x 8 framed with LOTS of goodies included...

I flew to Alabama tonight. Really didn't think I'd be here since I was WAY DOWN on the list flying stand by, but somehow I made it...I am here to bring the exhibit of 365 paintings of "Last Year on the Farm" back to Texas! It has been a great run at the Gadsdem Museum of Art. They have a great thing going here in this beautiful community!

MANY of you have been following the adventure, and have even put your name on a farm painting or two! Well, NOW IS THE TIME that we will start to send the paintings to their permanent homes. I regard each painting as part of a dandelion....I am taking it and getting ready to blow on the little floating seeds an watch them fly away and take root elsewhere...Along the way I have been gathering all the magazine articles, newspaper headlines, stories and videos that were shared about "Last Year on the farm"...I have made HUNDREDS of new friends who I will FOREVER be linked with by this art...There is more to tell, but for now, T H A N K Y'ALL!!!!!

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