Friday, September 12, 2008

Lost to IKE

"Lost to IKE"_____9x12 aka Beach Busyness ________not available
This one sold a while ago, but as I sayed tranfixed to the weather channel today, I was so sad to see this very building getting torn up by the hurricane, Ike. Even though the storm was still 150 miles away, the cameras showed how the water was already up to the floor of the deck and the walkway out was ripped up and the building was
I have been visiting with friends in that area all day: Joanne and Jimmy will ride it out, 10 miles from Galveston, as they have a nursery...Ricky says he is "prepared" down in Houston...others are on the way north, getting out of harms way.

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Laurel Daniel said...

Hey V........ I just nominated you for the Brilliante WEBlog Award because I love your work and think often of the farm series and my little painting I will get very soon! The rules for the award are on my Sept. 11 blog entry. XOXO Laurel