Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mom's Moving Target

"Mom's Moving Target"___5 x 7___one from MY collection
I stood on the deck, overlooking the gulf of Mexico on Galveston Island and painted this shrimp boat for my mom...when she recently went to live at a nursing home, she gave it back to me, so I will keep it. It's full of memories. One good thing about plein air painting is that it makes MEMORIES! If you come to a workshop, you will hear LOTS of stories of my plein air adventures. Stories of wind, lightning, attacking squirrels, paintings run over, and more. I have photos and props to back up the stories! hahaha.
Speaking of this, see my workshop schedule below. I added some things today.
Also, PLEASE consider bidding on the painting posted on 9-20...here is the link to look at it. 60% of the funds will go directly to disaster relief in Galveston.
Here is the latest word from the Galveston area...a correction on an earlier post...sorry to be so wordy :)

We have a beach house at Surfside. Surfside is NOT gone. There is alot of destruction. All of the houses that had been condemned on the front row of beach drive and not moved are gone. ...we may not have electricity for 5-10 days. . Texans are not like Katrina victims. The place is hopping with activity cleaning up. Go to SurfsideTX.org for pictures of damage, but they don't show the properties with little damage. ... Sunny Beaches......R.O.

*OCTOBER 18 - Calvert, TX ___Plein Aire Painting WorkshopSaturday Oct. 18, 8-5, officially, OR, sunrise to sunset. (sunrise is at 7:30 am. We will enjoy the famous Calvert Kolaches and I will do a demo. Sunset is at 6:51 pm, and YOU will paint that!..there will be lots of breaks during the day.. It's a long . but enjoyable day at an easy pace, with LOTS of info, including my famous "Chicken Clinic".Beautiful Calvert, Texas ...$80 Contact Cecilia for info and a supply list: grannyc_54@yahoo.com

*JUNE 12-14, 2009 Fredericksburg, TX__Three Day Workshop at the Fredericksburg Artists School. Beautiful location in the Texas Hill Country. THIS IS A REALLY SPECIAL WORKSHOP, with LOTS of exercises we will do to make you a better, faster painter every day! vvaughan8@yahoo.com For details.

*Starting in January: Monthly Saturday Workshops in Rockport, TX:...New locations, painting outside AND inside...lessons designed to take you to the next level...real study...email me for info

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