Thursday, September 04, 2008


"Pips"___10 x 12___A commission for J and J
It's not always that I get to MEET the dog that someone wants me to paint. I was happy to spend a morning with Pips, this past summer in Arizona. Pips has a great story as a rescue dog...and what a precious fellow he is!
**NEWS!!! has some neat pictures of my workshop there. (see me in action!haha) I will be there Saturday to pick up the "Last Year on the Farm" exhibit, to bring home from Texas! If you have purchased a painting, you will have it delivered to you VERY soon! If you wanted one, but have not paid for it PLEASE contact us asap...we will be releasing all the dibs and you might miss out on the one you want!
**ALSO, Check out the Sept - October issue of
Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine. They have a nice blurb and a photo about my "Last Year on the Farm Exhibit" 70

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