Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Book Cover

An Important Book Cover for next year........sorry, it's a secret!
Well, I hate keeping secrets, but this is exciting so I will just leave a hint here :)
Lucky for me this painting was sold to a DEAR FRIEND, so I can get the scans needed for the folks who want to use this...next year :)
Keep praying for Ike victims in Texas, y'all!

*OCTOBER 18 - Calvert, TX ___Plein Aire Painting Workshop
Saturday Oct. 18, 8-5, officially, OR, sunrise to sunset. (sunrise is at 7:30 am. We will enjoy the famous Calvert Kolaches and I will do a demo. Sunset is at 6:51 pm, and YOU will paint that!..there will be lots of breaks during the day.. It's a long . but enjoyable day at an easy pace, with LOTS of info, including my famous "Chicken Clinic".
Beautiful Calvert, Texas ...that's out in "Aggie Land, y'all.
Contact Cecilia for info and a supply list: grannyc_54@yahoo.com

*JUNE 12-14, 2009 Fredericksburg, TX__Three Day Workshop at the Fredericksburg Artists School. Beautiful location in the Texas Hill Country. vvaughan8@yahoo.com for details.

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