Sunday, October 19, 2008

Texas Louvre Auction #1___click to see two others

"Chicken Clinic__a first auction for Texas Louvre"_____but wait till you see the others! CLICK
Many of you have seen the daily painters and some of their great works...Well, sometimes these small works, real GEMS!, get overlooked and go unsold! My oldest son, Tanner, in his last semester at Mary Hardin-Baylor, with a degree in Marketing, has a class project where the prof gave each group $20 and the objective is to earn as much as possible in 3 weeks with this seed money. His group has put up a web site of daily paintings, called "Texas Louvre"! With his "connections" he found three of the best daily painters who have a few unclaimed gems, and he created a web site to auction these 15 or so AMAZING PRICES!!!
THANKS TO ROBIN CHEERS and TOM BROWN!! What a couple of gamers, agreeing to put in a few GREAT paintings to help out! YOU JUST GOTTA SEE their wonderful small works, which they are sharing with "Texas Louvre".
My first post to "...Louvre" is my Gadsden Chicken Clinic" ...this one is BIG, 16 x 12, and I HOPE someone claims it for this WAY LOW hope is to help "jump start" these few auctions, and help the kids win :) Be sure to check out the gallery part to preview upcoming auctions which you can "buy now" (before others see the auctions!)

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