Wednesday, October 08, 2008

October Gold__Click to see it big

"October Gold - 10-11-2007 Last Year"_______________Sold, but click to see it big, anyway!
I just had to post this one, even though it is sold. The sunset looked exactly like this a couple of days ago, and I remembered painting this one exactly a year ago.
Our first year away from the farm has been a very LONG one...but what I remember MOST about this date,
Oct. 8 is the death of my brother in law, Doug Strauss. He was married to my sister, Sam, and got sick with MS shortly after they were married. She loved him and took great care of him, even when he got too sick to talk or walk and could offer her nothing....I heard that true love is what you "DO", not what you"feel"...Sam loved Doug like this and became my hero, but was suddenly killed in a plane crash, so she left Doug to ME!...and my family. My kids and I took care of Doug till he died two years after Sam. These were tough years, but some of the best years of my life...when things were boiled down to the simplest elements. We got to see Who was really there for us in hard times and who wasn't ;)


buzzsbarber said...

Virginia,I just had to comment on October Gold~ "good" and "bad"- My new definition is: Good-anything which gets us closer to Him and surrendered to Him and bad-anything that leads us away from Him. So "disaster" could be good and "success" could be bad! Or so it has been with me! I can't wait to meedt you in Calvert.

MOM/Gina said...

I'm from Wyo and check your blog nearly every day. Love your paintings. The story today got to me. You have to be a dear!
I've been a rancher all my life, and knew what it was like when we had to sell the ranch. My husband was gravely ill, and I couldn't do it, him and the kids.

VanDerHoekArt said...

This is a really beautiful painting and it's tone matches the emotion in your blog post. It's amazing what another person's life and death will teach you. It's just unfortunate that we have to loose them in order to learn some of these life lessons.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Thanks for sharing that poignant story. I am comforted by your ability not to let thinks 'sink' you.
You have great energy,V.

Someday we will meet ;)

My hubby and I are going to Sedona the end of November. CAN NOT WAIT!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Lovely painting, and an amazing story of love. Thank you for sharing... very inspiring, both!