Friday, October 17, 2008

Three at Last

"Three At Last" Last Year on the Farm, from the last week there___Available
A year ago this week, I was preparing to greet visitors to view my "Last Year on the Farm" exhibit, RIGHT THERE on the farm where the works were paintied...Since then, The exhibit has been all over the country and has stirred up a lot of interest in my work and vanishing American farms...I am continuing my "story" wiith a project that will take me to farm places in other parts of America....I'll keep the letest news here on my BLOG, so please stay tuned!
What I remember MOST about my farm reception last year on Octber 20, 2007, was the MANY MANY people who came and strolled around the farm to see the views they enjoyed in the paintings. There seemed to be a quiet, respectful reverence from these friends and I will ALWAYS cherish that...If you were there, I would LOVE it if you would put a comment on today's post!
I'll be gone teaching in Calvert, TX this weekend...but will look for your comments! Click the comment link below this post


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Well, I was only there in spirit having followed your blog since early 2007.
Right away, I was pulled in by your beautiful painted homage to your ranch, family, mama in law and the way of life , on a farm. To me this symbolized the loss of the family farm, which is nationwide, and I was touched.
You Rock , Virginia!

VanDerHoekArt said...

One reason I think your farm series captures my interest is because you painted this group with such sensitivity in the way you handled the paint. I can't help but feel an emotional connection with the farm. Really beautiful.

And in "A Cool Place" and "By The Pines" your bold brush work is stunning! It's nice to see you work both techniques.