Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Cool Place____Click to Enlarge

"A Cool Place"_______4 x 8 oil on linen panel______$150
I spent a little time in Colorado and Northern New Mexico last week and fall was everywhere!...ALMOST....I really enjoyed seeing fall color high on the mountains just about everywhere, but it had not gotten really golden yet, down in the valleys. This little one was painted from memory after a beautiful drive on a stretch of road between Taos and Albuquerque, running beside the Rio Grande . I wondered how long it would take me to get to Texas if I floated the river instead of the highway!
*I call this kind of painting a "palette dropping" painting, because I use the gunk from my palette for all the texture.
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J A Baker said...

Hello, V.

I used to ride my motorcycle from Albuquerque to Taos and we'd go North on the "High Road" and return along the river road. Lots of sweeping curves downhill! Lot's of fun on two wheels!

I love this painting showing the aspens in full color. Oh how I miss THAT living in TX!

PS. You guys gave me the "best of watercolor"... Thanks!

Judith Baker

Bill Cramer said...

What a gem. Many good things going on in such an small space.