Friday, March 27, 2009

Behind Vulture Peak

"BEhind Vulture Peak"_____8x10 oil on linen panel_______$150 to the first to ask!
OK, part of the attraction for me wanting to paint this one is the very name "Vulture Peak"....I can see it from my window at Monica's house where I am staying in Wickenburg, AZ for a great show called "Cowgirl Up!"....About 40 women artists (some my HEROS, like Joni Falk), are showing at the Desert Caballeros Museum here. The show runs through May 1 or so...please come by if you can. I have BIG paintings here, and we can only hang 3 at a time. It is a BEAUTIFUL museum, and a very classy show. Please ask to see my other works (I have two extras that they will hang as these three sell...MY BESO ONE, in my opinion, is NOT on the wall, yet :)...THANK YOU to all my friends who sent "sympathy" e-mails about my bad day! hahaha...tomorrow I will post a sunrise from Wickenburg!


Art with Liz said...

I love the landscapes you do of your home county (State?). You bring them so alive for us strangers to your land. Thank you V.

Connie said...

Beautiful work! And I always enjoy your written content. A super blog.

Kathleen Weber said...

I love this painting. (All of your work is great!) Nice control of color/value, and the juicy paint in the sky... I've never painted in the desert, have to get out there with my paints someday.

Gary Keimig said...

Through an artist friend of mine that had a link to your blog and since I had a little spare time-I discovered your blog and have to comment. You have some real jewels here.
Have not had time yet to really go through your things but intend to.
Keep up the good work and God bless.