Thursday, March 12, 2009

Workshop in Action

Want to see what a sunrise demo looks like? My favorite time to do a demo is at greet the day with new friends and enjoy the GIFTS of creation!!...There are ALWAYS pleasant surprises, and it makes for a good beginning to a, at that early hour it is hard for eyes to focus and I usually can persuade the class that I have painted a wonderful demo! hahaha!!!
I have never done this before, but today I will direct you to Through My Eyes, a blog by Cecilia Conitz Heinrich. She is my Calvert contact who organized my workshops there. She is also the organizer for Brazos Valley Sketchers, and knows all there is to know about the Worldwide Sketch Crawl....she has posted a nice series of photos, I have to get back to packing these big paintings headed for Arizona's Cowgirl Up! show....

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