Tuesday, March 24, 2009

State One _ Fourteen Mules

"State One - Fourteen Mules"....detail of a big painting__ in Progress
I hate to call this "progress"....I am a little bit farther along on this large commission, but it's hard to tell from this photo. I am posting it, because I have nothing else to post...This is an early state, showing nothing more than my underpainting. Remember all the sketches of mules I posted a few months ago? they were the working drawings for this painting. If you are really ambitious, search the drawings and you will see each one of these figures in detail!
When I return from "Cowgirl Up!", I will finish this one and all the other commissions on my plate! I LOVE my patient patrons....THANKS Y'ALL!!!!
I will be painting the sunset in Arizona tonite...stay tuned!


Art with Liz said...

So that is where all the mules went!!

QuenteMandô said...

This week I'll put your painting in my blog, as "week's image", if it is ok for you.
F. Brazil