Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One of Those Days

It is fitting that Blogger will not let me put up a picture....a logical end to "one of those days" !
Even if Blogger was up, I brought the wrong cord to connect camera to computer. Can't get the photo of painting into the computer :(
I have been in a remote part of Arizona, today...having a WONDERFUL time: painting, hiking, listening to the quiet. Hunting arrowheads and Indian pottery shards. Stuff you only get to do once every great while...BUT THEN...I left my friend's house (having my wonderful fill of her awesome grandbabies!)..with her hand-drawn, back-road directions to Wickenburg, and ended up seeing a lot more of the backroads than I bargained for. (Marla, did I tell you that my eyes wander on lonely stretches of road, and the steering wheel follows?... and when I "come to" I sometimes am one or two miles off course. (one year I ended up one whole state away from my destination...). So I got some great reference photos of remote places in Arizona! ...Paintings to come!
...But, the gas tank was low...below 1/2 with no stations in sight!
Then the phone jingled, indicating I as back into cell range. ELEVEN messages?? All from family...mostly mom: "Where are you, honey? Why don't you call, are you OK? OH NO!!!!" Progressively more frantic. Then the sisters and children call (similar messages)...By the time I called everyone back, my cell phone was almost dead, with two calls still to make: one to my 16 year old son, the other to my host home in Wickenburg. My call to son: "Hi Sweetie, this is your lucky day! I have no phone bars, so I can't talk to you! Just want to say HI! This WOULD BE the day that he actually wants to say more than two words: "Guess what mom! Baseball practice was cancelled because we had a tornado warning! Golf ball size hail and..." ...So, I get to Wickenburg, pull into the McDonalds looking for WiFI and LOCK MY KEYS IN THE CAR! Saying words like this **#@*%##, when the locksmith charged $65...note to my daughter, give up the design business, be a locksmith!, I am sitting here (at the Burger King Wi Fi Hot Spot) with some nice new little paintings to post, but BLOGGER is down (no camera cord) make the most of thismoment, I will encourage anyone reading this, LET ME KNOW IF YOU WOULD LIKE to get my daily e-mail...I send it with all this info, and the daily (almost) painting, and you get to see it before the blog posts...and you get to see the photo, even if blogger is down! for that last phone call....Still waiting at Burger King, cell battery low, gas tank almost empty, and computer battery waning, now, waiting for my host, to call back. Why is she not answering?...stay tuned!

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Diana Moses Botkin said...

Wow, Girl, you've been having adventures! I'm glad the Lord has been watching over you and you're safe and sound.