Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Box_4x4

The Box_4x4 oil on Linen panel___$100 if you ask first!
Saturday Morning in Wickenburg my host, Monica drove me and a couple of other artists to the box canyon just outside of Wickenburg. Beautiful desert canyon walls with the Hassayampa River running through...pristine, except for the 4 wheelers and pick-ups and jeeps driving through the riverbed pulling skim boarders and such...I wanted to get environmentally indignant, because of the noise and all, but these young people and families were enjoying the outdoors, as I was...just in a different way, and they were really enjoying it!
But I used my artistic license and left them out of the painting....SO THERE!
I am home now...back at the ball field to watch my son's baseball team barely lose a game tonite...durn! Too many errors!!!...I will be back in Arizona in May, so look for new paintings of the area SOON!
THANK YOU to all the folks who came to Cowgirl Up!....WHAT A SHOW! WATCH for this one to become the premier show for women artists, and surely one of the best in the west. I sold my biggest painting and a couple others. My personal favorite has not yet sold, so if you are in the area (near Phoenix) go take a look! The show will hang until May 3rd.

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Pam Holnback said...

I love the looseness and brushstrokes in this piece. We visited Wickenburg about 25 years ago. Haven't been back to Az. since. Looks like we should.