Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wickenburg Sunrise

Wickenburg Sunrise_____3x6 oil on linen panel_____$100 if you ask first
At COWGIRL UP! in Wickenburg I was greeted by a sunrise like this every morning. Simply gorgeous, and this does not do justice to the beauty of this landscape. If you ever go to Phoenix, take the short drive north to see this great Cowboy town....Shop at D&D to get your western clothes, then hit the town!
What a weekend with a bunch of Cowgirl Artists and some FINE artists, at that!....Artists work alone. What we do is TOTALLY solo, so gathering up all the paintings, frames, packing gear, etc. stirrs up the anticipation of "what now?" We wonder if our work will look right in the venue. If it will be noticed by the right people..if there will be a sale to make the effort and expense worthwhile. I did not think I would really like being with a bunch of women artists for three days...I culd just imagine my intensity multiplied by 40 ...for three days! But from the first little gathering (a "boot camp" trail ride where there was so much support and enthusiasm...ESPECIALLY if you were given a horse that matched your outfit!), I knew I would love these women. Will tell you more later, but let me tell you this...the show is WORTH will hang at Desert Caballeros Museum through April....

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I LOVE the idea of having a horse to match my outfit!
Love these paintings, V.