Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Speaking of Big Paintings

Moonlight on the Mission_a 12 x 12 study for Prayer of the Presidio 36 x 36...see it tomorrow
"Prayer of the Presidio" is what I have titled the LARGE version of this painting. It is 36 x 36 inches and I just ran out of daylight to photograph it today...durn!....I am not sure I QUITE like how it looks, yet, anyway....I decided to lighten up the sky a little bit and, to me it looks like SHERBET! So...I will rework it a little in the studio, while listening to a ball game on the radio, and will post it tomorrow....I am glad to say that this one has sold, and will be delivered soon, and I am making similar ones soon, for other shows and galleries!
The Presidio is in Goliad, TX, one of the hallowed grounds of Texas Independence. This is La Bahia, the place where Col Fanin and over 300 Texas patriots lost their lives....Happy Texas Independence Day! (yesterday)...I hope you will tune in to see the big one, tomrrow!

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Alanda said...

I love it; the moonlight and moon seem very real and bright!