Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Poppy Problem 1

SEWE Quick Draw...the Problem Poppy_____12 x 12 oil on canvas, painted in 45 minutes.
A few weeks ago I painted this in front of a crowd at the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition. After some enthusiastic auction tactics, it was purchased by a nice couple. I signed the back of the canvas for them (see bottom photo)...being all proud of myself and my fancy signature, I absent-mindedly pressed down too hard and it left an impression on the painting...not on the art patron, though! I suggested they dampen the back and when it dries it would tighten and smooth out the embossed signature. Well...that did not work, so I asked them to send me the painting after it dried.
I got it in the mail, today. The top photo is hard to tell there is a problem. Click on it to see it bigger....But look below. Turning the painting sideways reveals a nicely scrawled bunch of words...NOT GOOD!!...
BUT! I immediately figured out what happened...THIS IS A GOOD LESSON!...I painted the poppy QUICKLY, and used a LOT of medium: Liquin. Liquin makes the paint flow smoothly and it dries shiny. But, when I signed the back of the canvas, the pressure lifted the front, making small "peaks" on the surface. Because the paint was juicy, I am guessing that the juicy paint slipped off the peaks, slowly, as it dried. The pigment stayed, but the liquin medium slid off the "peak" of the writing....SO, all I had to do was put another coat of liquin on the surface of the dry painting. THis made those dull sopts shiny like the rest. WHEW!!!! I am duly humbled! Note: a painting will generally dry with spots that are shinier or duller. Artists can varnish the painting after its WELL dry.
See the dull spot? Backwards words
The Back of the Canvas


Art with Liz said...

Thank you for passing that on! I find that learning from mistakes is just as valuable as learning how to paint.

Anonymous said...

This is a nice painting and now your mistake has become part of this art piece!
all the best,
Don C.

V....Vaughan said...

Thanks Don! Wish I had your e-mail t reply personally :)