Sunday, August 01, 2010

Foggy Hillside Morning_colorado, mountain,meadow, cottonwood

Foggy Hillside Morning__Sketch #14 from my Colorado sketchbook
Before I talk about this one, here is a note from a "bird-expert-friend" about yesterday's "mystery bird"

Your drawing looks like a white crowned sparrow ...

I URGE you to go look at this link about birds....there are sounds and everything!...
So, THANK YOU to ALL my friends who QUICKLY identified this bird for me! I said, I never need worry about being an expert as long as I can call on friends!
The sketch above is a view across the river to a meadow below Black Mountain in Colorado...After a rainy night there are often clouds skipping along halfway up the mountain...These cottonwood trees are so distinctive, and each one is different (for you artists: notice how I contained the SHAPES of the different groups of leaves on each tree...rather than doing each leaf!)
Tomorrow I will teach a lesson at G.S's workshop in San Antonio. G is a friend of mine, and asked me to talk and teach about a limited palette...if any of the students in the workshop read this before class I will give you a "prize"!

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