Saturday, August 14, 2010

Palominos_horses, sketch, pencil

Palominos___sketch # 19 from my Colorado real soon

These friendly horses were right there at the same location I have posted the past few days in Southern Colorado. I did the sketches last month and have been to the Plains since then...But these horses were fidgety and milling around the whole time, as the mosquitoes were pretty furious between the rains...Note to artists...Sketching from life is good practice for your eye...even if the subject is fidgety (think 10 year old ball players, pets, wildlife at the zoo) will learn to decide WHAT is URGENT to put down, and what to save for will "abbreviate" and use fewer lines to communicate and you will develop your own sketching plan of attack, and will see your technique develop as you choose what to, go sketch!!!

I will have a sketching workshop in Rockport Texas this upcoming fall. Contact me if you want to be on the list


patrice said...

Wonderful drawing! Being an equine person, I can really appreciate what it takes to draw them well.

You have truly illustrated the technique of simplifying to say more.

Stephanie Berry said...

You are brave drawing horses! When I draw a figure it's usually a paid model who sits very still. Wish I lived in TX--I would take that workshop!