Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Austin Watershed Project

Austin Watershed Project___a "job" nearly done___watercolor on illustration board
In the "old days" I was an illustrator/graphic designer, and recently I got called on by an old client to create a companion piece to a work I did about 15 years ago. The City of Austin Watershed Protection Department asked me to illustrate how water runs off the land and into the streams and eventually the lakes...the art above is NEARLY done. But I need to add some "copy" and make a few additions and adjustments. If you click the blog image you can see some of the details...
Well, today I traveled to Omaha and the Great Plains for some work on "Drive-by Paintings" for my show next year at the Great Plains Art Museum in Lincoln....this will be my last BIG trip for a while and I am excited to be visiting with friends and exploring new farms to paint!.
More on that TOMORROW!!!

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A Painter's Journal said...

Love this... you're so clever!