Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Chamisa Study

Chamisa Study_sketch 16 from my Colorado sketchbook__auction soon
Chamisa is this rugged plant that grows over the mesas in Northern New Mexico and Southern Colorado. In the early fall they turn golden yellow with little flowers. Here you can see the San Pedro church in the distance. For a fuller view of the little church, page back to my sketch #15. I will post more Great Plains "drive-by" paintings as soon as I photograph them.
The sketch above continues the 30 sketches from Colorado. I plan to offer the entire sketchbook in an online auction soon.
Right now I am snowed under, wrapping up details from my summer Plains excursions....but MAINLY, I am planning my part of my son's wedding! The bride's family has done the big heavy lifting so far, but now is my time to plan a few parties and gather photos and things for the ceremony and rehearsals...So, I might be out of touch, off and on ...

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