Friday, August 27, 2010

Horizon in Flames__Nebraska, sunrise,

Horizon in Flames__6x8 study for "Passing America..." exhibit in 2011

South of David City, NE the sun came through morning clouds as Allen and I set out for the start of Day 2 of this leg of my trip "Passing America: The Great Plains". Click the link to see what this project is about.

I painted fast and furiously this morning, because there were morning thunderheads on the plains, GREAT sunrise color, and beautiful views left and right!...I was working on the fog study (posted yesterday) when this view distracted me, so I took up a new panel and began this one. While this little painting was nothing more than a few color notes, we turned the car and I saw something BETTER, and moved on to paint it instead...I had the notes I needed to finish this one AFTER I painted the "better" one...I will post the "better" one tomorrow :)

My title, Horizon in Flames is derived from a song lyric which mentions Nebraska and the Plains, and has become my personal THEME song for Passing America: The Great Plains.


Susan Roux said...

I like this one as well. You have a knack with these colors. You make the sky come alive!

Carol DeMumbrum said...

Beautiful color and feeling. I love the reflection in the water.