Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Palomino Corrals

Palomino Corrals___#26 from my Colorado Sketchbook to be auctioned soon
A few days ago I posted some palominos. These are the corrals where they were moving around and trying to escape the summer mosquito swarms of Colorado....I am enjoying the many comments about the excerpts from my sketchbook which I have posted. So many artists seem to enjoy seeing the entire sketchbook. It shows the process of carrying out a theme in a sketchbook...something I really enjoy.
I have been an artist as long as I remember. ALL my early art was drawing and sketch-based works. I was not a painter till I was a young adult. And, only recently have I returned to doing a lot of drawing (I got side-tracked in "camera land" which is so much more convenient!) In the early days I was a very TECHNICAL, accurate renderer, and details were my thing. Thus, I was the s l o w e s t artist in the universe, and an absolute perfectionist. Now, I am one of the fastest sketchers I know. Fast is not necessarily "better", but sketching is like anything else: the more you do it, the more efficiently you CAN do it!
October 21 is my next sketching workshop in Rockport, TX...come if you can!


Tess Walls said...

Virginia, this should be an etching! You really should consider etchings for selected sketches from this series. Really wonderful work!

Susan Hediger-Matteson said...

Love your sketches and your paintings below them. I have seen many painters who can't draw well and it shows. You are really way ahead!

julie davis said...

Gorgeous sketch, Virginia.