Sunday, August 08, 2010

Corn, Soybeans, Corn_farmland, farms, landscape

(#4) Corn, Soybeans, Corn__6x8 oil in lunen panel__for Passing America...exhibit in 2011
Butler County, NE is miles and miles of corn and soybean farms...corn, soybeans, corn, and soybeans make a BEAUTIFUL patchwork on the hills. I always thought that Nebraska farmland must be really flat. But, Allen took me to the eastern part of his county, which he calls "The Alps". The hills are not THAT tall, but glaciers in the past have made this whole section VERY hilly. Because this is the height of summer and the corn is tall, I could not see very far past the first row, but coming down off the hills there were many beautiful views of the Platte River Valley.
To see some neat detail, click on the blog image.

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