Thursday, August 05, 2010

Looks Like Nebraska

Road Trip__12x12 oil on canvas
My camera batteries died after a full day on the backroads in Butler and Colfax Counties. I was painting "drive-by's" for my exhibit there next year, but before I could photograph any of the 6 or 7 little canvases, the batteries fizzled. I was amazed to see the HILLY DISTANCE along the Platte River Valley. It reminded me of this painting above, which I did in TEXAS a few months ago...MANY THANKS to my driver, Allen Covault, of David City, NE...he has lived his long life here in this area, so not only did he drive me along every backroad, he also endured my constant "interview" and "commentary chatter" mode, and Rich Mullins music playing over and over....We will repeat the routine tomorrow....EARLY!
The photo below was taken by Allen's wife, Anna, who sat behind me tonight at a bluegrass performance in town. Her commentary is funny, but true!
Crabgrass Trio performs for Musical Soiree on the Square.
V.... Vaughan enjoys San Antonio Rose dedicated to the only Texan in the audience.

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