Monday, August 09, 2010

River Road__Great Plains, Nebraska, farmland

(#5) The River Road, Between Bellwood and US 81__6x8 oil for Passing America...exhibit in 2011
If I misspelled "Bellwood" Allen will let me know (like yesterday's mis-direction), but I promise to NOT send another mail. I will just correct the blog tomorrow!
This long ribbon of road stretched before us, and what I liked was seeing the road get narrower in the distance (it's that "one point perspective" I teach in my workshops!)...and I like the summer, hazy atmosphere over the farmland...a fun thing to paint!
GOOD NEWS!!! Yesterday, my Last Year on the Farm story as presented by Texas Country Reporter and now on YouTube, was selected by NATIONAL RADIO HOST Kim Komando (aka "Your Digital Goddess") as her "pick of the day". I do not know how she found it, but I LOVE her show, so am so honored. Kim is on the radio for 3 hours on Saturdays, and has the best web site EVER for ALL THINGS DIGITAL and electronic. I have learned almost all I know about computers from her show...Here is the link to her mention of me:

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Martyn Chamberlin said...

Hi Ms. Virginia. Congratulations on the video. I really enjoyed watching it - I feel like I know you a little better now. I shared it with our Artists Discuss community at I really admire your work.

One thing I don't quite agree with in the video: where you say that the warmer it gets the better. I just came back in after doing a plein air study in 106 F, direct sun. Besides the fact that I was getting dehydrated, I nearly fainted! Surely you enjoy painting in 70 F or 80 F better?