Friday, March 11, 2011

Coyote Glare

Coyote Glare__6x8 oil on linen panel___$250 unframed, includes shipping

We pronounce them "KIE-Oats".
This one visited our neighborhood on the day my son committed to play football for the Kansas Wesleyan University Coyotes. When I first saw him standing in the road a few houses away from our house, I thought it was a WOLF! I said NO WAY is a coyote that big and thick and so well groomed! BOY, he was a healthy one! Many of my friends have posted to say that he is probably snacking on neighborhood cats!

I just remembered our first week away from the farm, here in suburbia, I was thinking about all I missed, and one thing was the coyotes yipping....that night, RIGHT OUTSIDE our back fence which adjoins a ranch, there was a pack of coyotes yipping....CLOSER than they ever were at the farm! RIGHT OUTSIDE the fence!...It was neat and comforting, (the sound....I was a little creeped out that they were so close), and I thought it was neat that there were coyotes here, but that was the only time I ever heard them...4 years ago! Now this!!! just last week! In broad daylight.
This guy walked the fence line slowly, and I figured he was looking for people's pets to snack on, so I scared him off.....


B Lancton said...

I love this painting. This coyote has a great expression and I love it because you have achieved it with a simplification of shapes, grays, and the play of temperature in the light. I find myself going back to the blog post and staring at it.

B Lancton

Douglas Clark said...

Very cool painting. The coyote has a great expression.
My brother inlaw is climbing up in Utah right now. I'll have to talk to them about your brother inlaw after spring break.

Ruth Andre said...

Very nice painting of Mr Coyote and I loved reading the story of your son and finding this handome fellow. Best of luck to your son.

dominique eichi said...

that glare is Beautiful

SKIZO said...

good creations

Brandi McKenna said...

Coyotes have migrated to our area too within the last ten years and are now in urban areas. My mother s so afraid they will "get me" on my woods runs! They really do get big!!