Friday, March 04, 2011

SV vs VR

SV vs VR___from my sketchbook
Another tournament this weekend, for the Round Rock Dragons. This afternoon was my son's time to pitch again. Sketching and keeping track of his pitches keeps me from "cheering"...This man does not like parental "cheering"... We played a team called Vista Ridge, and my son managed to start and finish a "two hitter", shut out, full game (7 innings) with 99 pitches, 6 strikeouts, and stayed ahead in the count on almost every batter. It wasn't perfect, but with great batting and defense from his teammates we won!
Tomorrow I will post the BIG version of one I painted a few days here to see the little one and compare the two tomorrow!

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Scarlett Clay said...

This is a really fun sketch-- Can't wait to see the painting!
(PACT team)