Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Last to Leaf

The Last to Leaf__6x8 oil on linen panel_for Passing America: The Great Plains

My title makes reference to the fact that pecan trees are always LAST to bud in the Texas Springtime. My FAVORITE trees, pecans provide SO MUCH for us! Of course the great nut for food, but also the wood of the tree is some of the best hardwood, the shells are used for mulch.
I PARTICULARLY love the way they look at ALL times of the year, but especially in spring. While all the other trees can't wait to put out leaves, the patient pecan remains barren to the END, avoiding any possibility of ice or cold surprising them. For the artist's eye, they provide punctuations of browns and purples to contrast the cool greens of the season....then, when they DO bud with leaves, they are the bright cool-green spots amid DEEP rich greens of trees that budded six weeks before....I LOVE pecan trees so much, that it is a DREAM of mine, if we are ever able to own a farm again, I want a PECAN FARM!....hoping!
on Yesterday's Post I mentioned a mini workshop in Austin on April 14. I just found out you can register for it online. Click here and look for info about the Art Night Event

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Dee Day said...

I love the painting, but I also like all of the commentary on pecan trees. I absolutely didn't know that. Thanks for sharing!